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view bio Hello Internet! - 01/27/21
We're glad you made it here. This is a website about what you do, and there's a lot to do on .oaklog.

To help you get acclimated, we've written up a little info.oaklog section. Here, you can figure out how to use lists, logs, the event calendar, and most everything else on the site.

We're a tight-knit community, with lots going on, and we're excited to meet you.

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Q: How do you win the poll?

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Jennifer - 1/14/21
Hawking Bird
Really good deal for Restaurant Week: fried chicken or tofu sandwich + tater tots + Thai iced tea for $14.

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Class Action Park
 cory - Romancing The Stone (1984)
 mitch - soul
 d - Avatar
 Justin - Sorry to Bother You
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Mostly Dead Things, by Kristen Arnett
 cory - Death Comes for the Archbishop ...
 me02 - Fight Game K.Wild
 Anita - Deep in a Dream: The Long Nigh...
 aeva - Better Business

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The Damel
 d - A Town Pizza - Alameda
 Multiphasi - Fresco Pizza & Shwarma (P...
 jaxonium - Dimond slice
 cory - The Kebabery (Oakland, CA)
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MF Doom: MM..Food
 Jeffy - Aaron Frazer - Introducing...
 cory - Hum: Inlet (2020)
 d - Billy Eilish
 me02 - Soul Asylum - Runnaway Train

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tilden into wildcat
 christahey - Jason Sudekis and Ed Helm...
 cory - SE10EP04 - "The One with the Ca...
 me02 - Shaving manual
 Jennifer - Morris Day & the Time-The G...
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Lays within the mind besides that which is defined by more than two
 skye - I'm back here to see when I gra...
 Anita - Tuesday Thoughts
 Erich - Presidential Biogaphy Reading ...
 aeva - Something about this song makes...

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