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This is to tide y'all over before I really get to formatting and trying to get some new, interesting stats going.

Some Links

Whore Rankings: What? You got a better name?
OakBar: Remember that? It's still around.
General Poll stats: Sortable!
Scores: A brief idea. Possibly worthless.

Olden Time Oaklog User Triviality

Miriam, who was the most active oaklogger in January 2002 with 17 film rankings (which is all you could do on the site at the time), placed second in Feburary 2002 and was never in the top ten any future months. Her very last film ranking was putting The City of Lost Children at the top of her list on April 16, 2002.

Vanessa is another interesting story. She was the top user for March and April 2002, and those were her only active months.

Oaklog Firsts
The first film posting was on 05 January 2002 by Simon.
The first talk posting was on 09 July 2002 by Mitch.
The first word posting was on 23 July 2002 by Lara.
The first book posting was on 12 August 2002 by Lara.
The first food posting was on 12 August 2002 by Lara.
The first song posting was on 21 October 2002 by Mitch.
The first show posting was on 22 October 2002 by Jessica.

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